Best Crypto Trading Bots in Comparison

Updated: 01/03/2021

best bitcoin trading botPlease not that this page doesn’t provide investment advice by any means. It’s your decision what you do with your capital. Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

Cryptocurrency trading bots are programs based on certain algorithms. Those software programs constantly analyze the cryptocurrency charts in order to find high probability trade setups. In a promising market environment the bot will then execute trades automatically. The programs trade based on predefined rules or can take advantage of the market inefficiency constantly occurring between crypto trading platforms because of the still very new and mostly unregulated crypto markets (arbitrage).

Experienced crypto trading bot users usually have an own server running just for the purpose of the trading bot that can therefore run day and night. The cheapest option for such servers are virtual private servers offered by web hosting providers. Here is the best selection of VPS especially for the purpose of automated trading.

Here are four popular trading bots that are available on the bitcoin market.

94 94
Cloud Program
  • Ideal for beginners
  • No need to install software
  • High success rates
  • Easy setup
  • Works on major brokers
Payment Options:
from $75/mo
credit card, Paypal
92 92
Cloud Program
  • Ideal for beginners
  • No need to install software
  • Cheap bot provider
  • Many features
  • Educational videos
  • Works on major brokers
Payment Options:
from $19/mo
credit card, bank tansfer, Bitcoin
trading bot Cryptotrader
90 90
Cloud Program
  • No need to install software
  • Strategies marketplace
  • Backtesting trading strategies
  • Works on major exchanges
Payment Options:
from 0.009BTC/mo
Bitcoin only
bitcoin trading bot Haasonline
89 89
Software for download
  • Supports over 500 altcoins
  • Includes Trade Bots, Arbitrage Bots, Order Bots, Script Bots
  • Latest technology
  • Works on major exchanges
  • High rating on Coindesk
Payment Options:
from 0.04BTC/mo
Bitcoin only
86 86
Software for download
  • Ideal for beginners
  • 6 custom plans
  • 12 brokers supported
  • One-Time Payment
  • Comprehensive altcoin trading
  • Linux, Windows, Mac, ARM
Payment Options:
from 0.02BTC
Lifetime License
Bitcoin only


SackedinvestStacked is a highly acclaimed crypto trading bot platform that currently counts over 40 bots in its marketplace. The system of the platform is simple and easy to understand.

With the free registration you get a user account, within which you can then rent trading bots from the marketplace as you wish. In you user back-end just click to “marketplace” to see all available bots listed. The recent overall PnL ratio is stated at each bot. The bots are usually quite lucrative, at times even very lucrative. (But as with any trading bot of course you must expect that trades can also get stopped out and there is of course no guarantee of profit.) The bots feature built in risk management, but you can also adjust stop loss settings to your liking.

Product & Pricing: The setup of a bot is simple and self-explanatory, you only need to connect an exchange or broker platform via an API key to allow the bot to access a trading account of yours. Currently supported are FTX, Phemex, Bybit, Binance Futures, AAX, Binance, Bitfinex, KuCoin and of course BitMEX.

For the most part, users make a pretty good deal with Stacked, despite the fact that the bots are definitely not cheap. Thus, the use is only worthwhile from a certain stake.

  • $75 to $600/month
  • Cheaper prices with long-term subscription

Advantages of Stacked:

  • Advanced Bots selection
  • Setting up a bot is very simple
  • Specialized Bots
  • Settings customizable
  • Built in Risk Management
  • Easy usability

Disadvantages of Stacked:

  • No Free Trial by default
  • Quite pricey


cryptohopper crypto trading botThe Cryptohopper Bot is ideal for beginners. All you need is an account with a supported Exchange. A community is also integrated, consisting of a forum and an academy with training videos.

Products & Pricing: The Cryptohopper offers a free trial for one week to test the platform. It is recommended to make use of this offer, because here no payment provider details need to be deposited. After the end of the week the account will be deactivated automatically, unless you decide for a paid license.

  • Starter – Explorer Hopper: $19 per month
  • Medium – Adventure Hopper: $49 per month
  • Pro – Hero Hopper: $99 per month

Depending on the membership chosen, the maximum number of different coins and trading positions varies. Here you have an overview of the features of the Cryptohopper.

Advantages of Cryptohopper:

  • Cheap provider
  • Incredibly comprehensive service details
  • Free Trial for 7 days
  • Many strategies to choose from
  • Great platform usability

Disadvantages of Cryptohopper:
We didn’t find a real downside so far.


cryptotrader crypto trading botCryptotrader crypto trading bot is an algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The cloud based solution provides fully automated trading solutions for anyone interested in the crypto market.

The trading bot is running on cloud based servers, there is no installation requirement for the software.

Products & Pricing: Clients at can choose from five different subscription plans for a monthly fee in the range of 0.006BTC – 0.087 BTC. The difference between the plans are the number of trading bots included in the package and the maximum amount of equity limit.

  • Basic+ – from 0.0032 BTC /month
  • Regular – from 0.0045 BTC / month
  • Pro – from 0.0084 BTC / month
  • VIP – from 0.0159 BTC / month
  • Premium – from 0.0396 BTC / month

A minimum programming knowledge is required to create own strategies within the trading bot, however free and paid strategies are also available if the user does not want to deal with coding.

Payment methods: The strategies and subscriptions can be paid by bitcoin only.

Extras: All major crytocurrency exchanges are supported on the Cryptotrader platform for both live trades and for backtesting as well. Beside bitcoin, further cryptocurrencies are available to trade as well. The site also offers the trading of strategies between its clients to enable to anyone to profit from a good idea. Interesting discussions may arise from the busy forum.

The instant email and SMS notification alerts the users on any market event or changes in current trend to make sure they are always on the top of their finances. The affiliate program pays 10% after every new plan subscription referred and bot developers gain 70% on sales.

Usability: The website is clearly organized and plenty of information is available for getting started. The available strategies has clear descriptions and the source code is also available for the free ones. The platform automatically shows the backtested results as well as the live trading activity of the bot.


haasonline crypto trading botHaasonline has been on the bitcoin trading bot market since 2014. The trading software incorporates the users’ suggestions as the need arises for specific trading features. Beside offering a trading bot, Haasonline also provides access to arbitrage, order and script bots.

In order to use the trading bot profitably it’s necessary to understand at least the basics of TA (technical chart analysis) as the user has to choose from a set of different indicators offered by the trading bot.

Products & Pricing: Haasonline offers three different level of licenses in the price range of 0.12 BTC – 0.32 BTC for a 3 month period. The number of trading bots are limited in the beginner package while the advanced package offers unlimited number of trading, arbitrage, order and script bots.

  • Beginner – 0.073 BTC (with Annual Billing)
  • Simple – 0.127 BTC (with Annual Billing)
  • Advanced – 0.208 (with Annual Billing)

maximize the profit from the Haasonline sofware, users need to understand the basics of technical market analysis as the trading bot offers certain indicators that must be chosen.

Currently the Haasonline bitcoin trading bot is available for Windows users with its full features, however Linux and OSX versions are under beta testing and available upon request.

Payment methods: Haasonline only accept Bitcoin as payment as they want to emphasize their commitment to the cryptocurrency development with this step.

Extras: The crypto trading bot service not only provides an effective trading bot, the service additionally offers several automated trading options, including arbitrage trading (trading between different bitcoin exchanges), script bots (customizable trading programs) and order bot (automated trade executions under certain market conditions). Also there is a possibility to backtest the strategies with historical market data.

Usability: is professionally built trading website in terms of design and features. Under Tutorials menu, a series of videos explain how the software works in the real life. The Wiki site also provide plentiful resources for further information.

CryptoBot (GunBot)

gunbot – top cryptocurrency trading botGunbot is one of the best known names in the field of Crypto Bots. The software has been around since 2017 and is sold on

The Gunbot software allows you to automate your trading operations with cryptocurrencies. Mainly it’s about freeing the user from having to spend hours watching the markets for themselves and performing repeated buying and selling operations. Gunbot can automate these tasks so that the user has time for other activities.

Products & Pricing: Gunbot has a wide range of products for this purpose. There is not only the core software, but also several addons or versions for different purposes. 6 different products can be found in the shop of the website.

The first product is the core software Gunbot itself, but you can choose from 3 packages, which differ significantly in the number of linkable brokers. Then there is the Alerts-Addon, with which you can receive trading signals, just like from a Singal Service. Furthermore there is a “Backtesting for Tradingview Addons”, a “gunBot Lite” version of the core software especially for beginners and an arbitrage bot.

gunbot pricing

Extras: 2 more products are planned, including a modern telegram channel and a license change package, where you can switch to a more suitable package without having to buy it again if you already have another license of Gunbot.

Payment methods: Gunbot can be paid with Bitcoin only (BTC).

The software is quite successful as it has been growing in number of users for 2 years now and the team is still expanding its services. What we like most is that there is a beginner version, which is much cheaper than the full version. And that you can upgrade later.

Crypto Agent Bot – OUT OF SERVICE

crypto agent botThe Crypto Agent is a trading signal generator that runs via the Messenger app Telegram. This service is primarily aimed at inexperienced users. Several times a day, users are sent trading recommendations via push message to their smartphone. The corresponding trades can be set with just a few clicks.

Products & Pricing: There are three different licenses for smartphone trading with signals. These only differ in terms of duration, but not in terms of signals.

  • 1 month license: $250
  • 6 months license: 1250 $
  • 12 months license: 2000 $

The prices for the Crypto Agent are fixed and measured in US dollars. The corresponding amount is paid in Bitcoins, which is therefore variable.

Advantages Crypto Agent Bot:

Location-independent smartphone trading in a matter of seconds.
Recommended short, mid and long term trades. Success rate so far 96.5% (!)
Clearly arranged and simply designed bot with many setting options for buying and selling coins.
Helpful and communicative support. In the past the membership was extended free of charge, if the crypto market was in a downward movement, because trading is then much more difficult.
Lots of news about the current market situation and tips on how to optimize your coin portfolio.

Disadvantages Crypto Agent Bot:

The prices for memberships are higher than for most other bots. However, this can be justified by reviews of numerous users who have been able to achieve very good trading results so far.

Note: You need to have the Telegram Messenger installed on your smartphone.

Create a free account at the crypto exchange Binance, Bittrex or Poloniex. We recommend Binance because it is the largest of the three and has the highest usability.

You will later store your Bitcoins on the broker, on which the bot will trade for you. The payment of your Crypto Agent membership is also done with Bitcoin.

More About Crypto Trading Bots

Trading bots have been around for decades. They have established themselves in the course of the digitalization of the stock market. Crypto trading bot trade with Bitcoins or Altcoins and have the goal to increase the Coins of the users and to give them thus profits. Trading the bots is fully automatic, so you normally don’t have to do anything but make a few settings in the software.

A vendor usually has several bots in their portfolio that are included in the software. Each bot uses a different trading strategy, of which there are hundreds in total. We have listed the possibilities of crypto bots below.

Day Trading on a Broker Platform:

Several trades are preferably completed within 24 hours. Ideally, profits between 3% and 5% are realized. Due to the volatility of the crypto currency market, profits of over 20% per day can sometimes be made. If trade signals cannot be successfully closed, the coin is held until the profit zone is reached.

High Frequency Trading (HFT):

This strategy is a special form of day trading. Instead of users placing their buy and sell orders themselves, the Bitcoin Bot takes over this task fully automatically. As part of this trading strategy, many orders are placed by the computer. It is often only milliseconds that determine whether the strategy is successful or not. The profit margins are rather low. However, this is intentional, as the profits add up due to the large number of trades. With HFT, a market maker strategy can also be implemented which aims to buy and sell the coins as close as possible to the current market price.

Arbitrage Trading:

One trades a currency pair between two exchanges and generates profits due to small deviations of the prices there.

Long-Term Holding of Coins:

For this the term “HODL” has become established, which comes from the English word hold. The bot selects coins with medium and long-term potential for extremely strong growth. The daily price fluctuations are not taken into account.

What Types of Crypto Trading Bots are there?

Cloud Trading Bots

Bitcoin Cloud Trading Bots are algorithmic trading programs. The trading bots are connected to the exchange via API and thus have the potential to generate 24/7 profits. Cloud servers are used, which has the advantage that your own computer does not have to be permanently switched on and you do not have to install any software.
Bitcoin Telegram Bots

An increasingly popular alternative is crypto signal trading bots. These run on the smartphone and the messenger telegram. A team of experienced traders analyzes the market both manually and with the help of computer software and sends several signals per day to your mobile phone via push message. The user decides which signals to accept and which not.

Trading Bot Software

In this case you get a software for download which you need to install on your system. This is something you could use on a virtual server, where the bot program can run day and night without interruption. The major difference to cloud trading bots is that in the case of a software you purchase you have to host/run the software by yourself. This is an effort many people like to avoid. But if you prefer privacy and control things by yourself, then a bot software for download might be the right thing.

Telegram Bots

In addition to computer software, there are also Bitcoin Telegram Bots. These are becoming more and more popular. In that case you receive trade signals on your Smartphone by means of the Messenger app Telegram Trading signals. Trades can then be set in seconds and regardless of where you are at the moment.

Also check out this article on Coindesk.

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