Skill Incubator – Crypto Trading Mastery – Review reviewIn this Skill Incubator Review you’ll get an impression of how the Crypto Trading Mastery course works and what you get. And the most important point: Is this crypto trading course worth the money – can you really learn to trade like a pro?

Who Makes Skill Incubator?

First of all, the course is a production of Chris Dunn and Rocky Darius – 2 relatively well-known names in the cryptocurrency scene, as they are very active on twitter, for instance. Chris also has a youtube channel, a blog and his active social media accounts. Rocky also has a website about cryptocurrency and he’s tweeting on twitter ever day.

Why the producers are qualified for such a course:

Both are professional and successful crypto traders since years. Chris is a talented entrepreneur with creative business ideas all the time and he has an excellent focus on financial success while staying a nice guy who wants to help others. Rocky is a full-time trader, which means he’s completely living from cryptotrading. So he’s definitely qualified to be a mentor in that area.

Rocky – The Mentor: When I did the course in the end of 2016 for a couple of months, at the very beginning it was both, Chris and Rocky, creating videos and caring for the live trading class etc. But after a while it was somehow only Rocky still caring for the course, so it seems like they had aid it completely in Rocky’s hands, at least at that time. It’s possible that this was just a period and right now Chris also might be involved more again. As I’ve heard he also seems to be frequently active in the trading room.

So here we go:

What Does The Skill Incubator Bitcoin Trading Course Provide?

skillincubator mastery courseIn the backend of this online Bitcoin trading course you find a navigation menue with a big collection of market review material and trading lessons in the form of videos and text pages.

Learn Technical Chart Analysis

So you frequently get chart analysis of Bitcoin and interesting altcoins as well as detailed video lessons about how to trade. Rocky provides very detailed videos, and talks in-depth about certain market situations based on a chart he’s showing, and, for instance, he tells his own entry and exit points and why.

You learn about market cycles and how to read emotion in the chart. You learn important chart patterns, how to use Fibonacci and steps to identify early bullish reversals. You learn about anticipatory vs reactionary trades, which is a very important topic as well. It shows 2 opposite approaches – comparable to all other situations in life.

Coinigy Tutorial

As they are using coinigy for indepth-analysis, you get a tutorial for the program. As a future professional trader you’ll for sure be using a professional tool like that as well as you simply need it for TA. Coinigy is special because you can analyse all coins on all platforms, with the professinal tradingview chart and you can even use it for cross platform trading. So you could manage really everything over just one platform.

Risk Management Lessons

This is one of the most important topics of successful trading. Rocky teaches strategies how to manage risk to make sure that the percentage of your losses will always be way less than the gains. Risk management is basically about setting stop loss orders and position sizing.

Learning The Basics Of Crypto Trading

Before I did my first real trade, I had been participating in the Skill Incubator Mastery Course for maybe 2 months. So several times a week I had literally only been learning how to trade in theory, without trading for real yet. And I think that this was a great setup to enter the market when I felt ready to practice with real money. People are different of course, and maybe I’m especially cautious, so other people might start to trade actively way earlier. Still I think it’s very recommended to first learnall basics till you start trading for real money.

After more than 2 months with the Skill Incubator Mastery Course, I was familiar with charts and technical analysis, had already seen a lot of possible scenarios of how the markets can behave and how I should react on that.

Managing Emotions And Having A Plan

Rocky repeated important things again and again. Those things, which build the basic and most important mindset which is separating the long term winners from the losers, I would say.

Always to have a plan, never just react planless on the markets, don’t get fooled by the typical trader emotions such as fear and greed, and other things. So I really felt well prepared to start trading and I followed Rocky’s advice to just trade with small amounts at the beginning, simly to practice. A few bucks here and a few bucks there in profit – and so you go on and can slowly enhance your investments.

A Sustainable Education As A Crypto Trader

This is why I found the course really sustainable. On one hand you get current trade alerts, but on the other hand you get an indepth education in cryptotrading, so you won’t be dependent from trade alerts from other people in the future.

The Life Trading Class

Within the Skill Incubator Mastery Course they have a live trading group – an extra chat room, which you can enter at anytime and talk with other paticipants, who are all very motivated to learn and come up with interesting questions. At certain times a day Rocky participates in this chat room and leads the live class.

This is pretty exciting for a beginner, I often hurried to get into the chat room to follow the conversation, not to miss any important real time market alerts because they where talking about current market moves, their entries and exit plans, you could learn a lot, or at least just take the advice and do the same. (But yes, at the beginning, I personally just watched what they were talking about, to learn the theory, as I waited with real trading till I felt ready.)

Drawback of Skill Incubator Mastery Course

There is one thing you have to be aware of. The course is a little time consuming. Before I had participated, they had been telling that it would be something like an hour a week and that would be enough time already to make you a successful trader, no more effort would be neccessary. I don’t remember it in detail what the advert had said, but it was something like that. An hour a week or so and your trading is going to run successfully.

But reality was or is quite different. The average video length (when I last did the course in December 2016) was about an hour, I guess, some were way longer, maybe 2 hours or so. And Rocky usually does more than one video per week. Sometimes even a couple of videos. At least this was the case last winter. I can’t imagine that he decreased his effort since then. Which is great! – all the time and work he puts in those productions. No doubt about that! And I’m absolutely convinced that you need to invest a lot of time in learning how to trade, if you take it seriously. And you should – as you want to trade for profits and not just lose your money quickly.

So yes, of course it’s time consuming. Additionally you wanna use the live trading room, which takes its time as well, and then there are market review texts which you want to read. For me the time factor didn’t matter as I seriously wanted to learn how to trade, and therefore I was willing to invest a lot of time. And I loved to watch the chart analysis, market review and trading lesson videos when I went to bed. So I watched this instead of reading a book or watch TV before sleeping.

Quite Useful For Beginners

From my point of view I can highly recommend the Skill Incubator Mastery Course for trading beginners, as this gives you a great basic education and setup for entering the markets.

The good thing is that they seem to have switched their former yearly and monthly plans to a one time payment, which is a even better deal now in my opinion. Because you pay once and do the course as long as you need to.

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