Learn Profitable Crypto Trading – Tips For Beginners

3 Simple Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies
How to earn Bitcoin

Since the birth of Bitcoin about 10 years ago, the topic of blockchain technology has become an integral part of the IT world. Many industries see the benefit and try to develop adjusted solutions for their own purposes. It is the very first system ever that can store information securely,.. Read more

How To Profit From Crypto Trading

Nowadays the world wide web is crowded with “Make Quick Money with Crypto” guides since this is what cryptocurrency is about, at least for the majority of people. A few are technology enthusiasts, who see the beginning of an entire new money system, which is greatly explained by Mr. Antonopolis.. Read more

Basics of Technical Analysis of Crypto Price Action

If you want to trade cryptos successfully you must have at least a basic understanding of how to analyse price action on a chart. As you need to figure out in advance at which price to enter a trade and where your target will be, you need tools which help.. Read more

Cryptocurrency Trading – Complete Altcoin Trading Guide

Are you here because you are new to the trading world? There are a lot of trading guides on the internet today about how to maximize your profits with the lesser capital needed. But are there any available guides on how to trade altcoins in detail? I find tons of.. Read more

Resistance And Support – Buy And Sell Layers

Based on the trend concept and the Dow theory, striking price levels can be worked out in the course of the price, at which the market can rise again (support) or fall again (resistance). This post introduces the first two basic technical chart terms and their significance for the price.. Read more

In Which Altcoins Should I Invest?

If you have some money on the side which you intent to invest in altcoins, you might want to select coins with a higher probability for big future gains than others. Generally nobody can predict for sure which coin’s price will rise enormously in the future. Especially at the end.. Read more

How To Make Money With Crypto Candlesticks

Candlesticks are one of the most important tools for cryptocurrency traders when it comes to finding buy or sell areas in crypto charts. This post is for you if you are new to trading and the use of candlestick charts. There are different chart types traders can use for technical.. Read more

Why “Hodl” BTC – The No. 1 Cryptocurrency

Most traders who are into Bitcoin since years share the opinion that Bitcoin is and will stay the leading cryptocurrency for some very good reasons. That’s why the trading goal of many professional full time crypto traders is to get more BTC, not to get more USD. They see the.. Read more

How To Make Money From Crypto Investments Under $1 ?

Among traders cryptocurrencies are mainly known for their high volatility since that’s the major factor making crypto trading that appealing. But the biggest potential for astronomic growth in relatively short time lies in the small and unknown cryptocurrencies which are called low cap or micro cap altcoins due to their.. Read more

Can You Make A Living From Trading Cryptocurrencies?

If you want to know if it’s possible to make a living trading cryptocurrencies, the answer is easy: Yes, it is absolutely possible. More than that, there are a lot of guys making an excellent living by crypto trading. But the question should likely rather be: How easy is it.. Read more

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