Learn How to Deal with Losses in the Crypto Markets

We all have to deal with losses from time to time, sometimes even with significant ones. This does not specifically apply to the trading world but in all aspects of life as well. Have you ever bet on something that you are 101% sure that you will win but ended up losing it? For a few minutes, you run back the moves that you made and the mistakes that could have been avoided and plan for the next attack. Losing is just a phase of winning something; because if we do not lose, how do we measure winning?

Winners Were Losers At Some Point

Albert Einstein had problems with going to regular schools because he was too intelligent for it. Michael Jordan was not the first pick in the 1984 draft but the third choice; look what he has achieved in the NBA scene. Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba.com, is a company that earns millions of dollars per day. He didn’t wake up one day and just magically created one of the most profitable online shops to date; the process was slow but rewarding.

Winners were losers at some point and worked very hard to be someone “heavy” on the field they are good at. Both of these mentioned names have achievements far greater than anyone could achieve in one lifetime. Losing is a natural way of succeeding and time has proven it countless of times that people learn from their mistakes and use it in a positive way to turn back the tide and win at something.

Plan The Future!

Get married to the person you love, not with the coin you just read about! One of the biggest mistakes that people make is “marrying their coin” and not letting go. Emotional attachment is something that we human beings have naturally. This is why we need to turn this off if we want to earn in the world of trading. Plan the future before you even start doing anything. Planning may be something hard to do for people that are impulsive and random but when talking about trading, this is a necessity that needs to be respected.

Wash, Rinse, And Repeat

Do not be afraid to plan. Practice planning as this will help you out in the long run as it helps minimize losses. There are a lot of people out there today that claims that the world of trading is completely random and that your actions should be flexible to what is going on in the market. A part of this is actually true since your resilience and ability to adapt are huge assets in this business. But as mentioned, trading is a business and planning your point of entry and exit is something that you need to practice!

Pro traders get to where they are because they know how to manage their risk and have higher profits than a new trader. People always get the wrong impression that pro traders don’t seem to lose at all. The reality is that they lose frequently as well, but they know how to deal with it and by the end of the day, their profit margin is still larger than what they lost.

The Ultimate Source For Every Trading Beginner

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The crypto market today is a robust market filled with new profit opportunities. Naturally, people will try this new amazing but volatile market. As a new trader, it is impossible not to have any loses at all. The big challenge at the beginning is to cut your losses short. And this is not really a problem if you stick to the rules. Get the right knowledge and you’ll see that profitable crypto trading is not rocket science, the major challenge actually is to stick to the rules and not acting spontaniously, out of sudden emotions. Always remember, also winners have losses from time to time, but they learn from them and they know how to cut them short. While losers never learn from their mistakes.

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