Best Technical Analysis Books For Crypto Trading

book shelveThe international trading scene is constantly growing and especially the crypto niche is attracting more and more people from all around the world due to the extraordinary profit opportunities – and with the growth of the trading scene the range of trading books being written is increasing every year.

In the meantime, there are so many publications that you quickly lose track. However, when it comes to technical analysis related to cryptocurrency markets, the market gets thin. There is even very little to find. Within the scope of an extensive research, we created a list of excellent trading books about technical analysis, that will be helpful also for prospective Bitcoin and altcoin traders.

There are thousands of books about technical analysis. But which ones stand out from the unmanageable amount of publications?

In order to find an answer, we did a deep research on the internet and read a lot of books to be able to compare them. On Amazon there is a vast amount of books of course, but to keep our research as efficient as possible we took a closer look at the books with a customer rating of higher than 4 stars only.

Whether the content is historical or highly topical is of secondary importance: The respective work should be of outstanding importance and extraordinary added value. The following list corresponds to the respective opinions of the editors – but be sure to find one or the other insider tip.

So here is our selection of the best books focusing on technical analysis for beginners or to deepen your existing knowledge.

6 Recommendations For Books About Technical Analysis

Successful Crypto Trading For Beginners

This book is particularly designed for crypto trading beginners, who want to head into the field as fast and efficiently as possible. The ebook has a big chapter about technical analysis providing a complete set of tools to get started in crypto trading with a professional approach. Readers get to understand the principles of technical analysis tools and indicators and how to use them in order to find trading opportunities in cryptocurrency price charts.

The chapter of TA is followed by another large chapter about trading strategies especially proven for the crypto markets. Besides its core content about TA and trading strategies the book furthermore teaches risk management and all crypto related insights new traders have to know in order to succeed in this field. Knowledge about IT security is just as important as tips how to use social media when it comes to crypto trading.

This is the only crypto-related book in our list of recommendations.

Check out the book here

The other books below are all related to stocks and forex trading, but since technical analysis works similar in all financial markets, they are all great tips for the matter of becoming a trading expert.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

Technical Analysis of the Financial MarketsThe author John J Murphy claims to provide the most advanced analytical methods for technical analysis in one book:Be it State-of-the-art chart formations, trends and tips you need when investing, Japanese Candlestick Charts and point-&-figure charts, the best indicators, risk management or stock market psychology, readers get professional knowledge in all major aspects of trading.

John J. Murphy brings order to the wide field of technical analysis with an unprecedented wealth of information and he provides readers with a solid basis for their know how to invest their money even better with technical analysis.

The latest charting techniques are applied directly to a wide range of financial instruments. In this extensive and ambitious work even the fast moving online trading markets are considered. Murphy incorporates risk management and stock market psychology into his approach. An ideal reference book for every private investor.

Check out the book here

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Japanese Candlestick Charting TechniquesWith the candlestick technology from Japan, the Candlesticks, you can very quickly see the mood on the market and the relationship between supply and demand. Steve Nison, the “Grand Master of Candlesticks”, shows his readers how the candlestick charts can be used in all tradable markets.Hundreds of chart examples show their special characteristics and show why they are uncomplicated and can be combined with all common indicators. This revised edition explains for the first time in detail and with exemplary systematisation how candlestick techniques can be used in all markets. With the following content, this completely updated revision is geared entirely to the needs of the modern trader and investor:

  • Charts examples, also from intraday markets
  • New candlestick charting techniques and refinement of early methods
  • Intensive involvement with active trading, also in the areas of online trading and day trading
  • Sections on combining Western methods with candlestick techniques
  • Systematization of candlestick terminology

Check out the book here

The Art and Science of Technical Analysis

The Art and Science of Technical AnalysisThis is a groundbreaking book written by Adam Grimes providing powerful trading insights and strategies for traders taking their career as a trader seriously.

The book teaches technical analysis of financial markets backed by a lot of statistical analysis and gives a range of profitable trading strategies at hand. The book provides in-depth knowledge about financial trading, which will enhance the reader from the state of a novice to an expert when he has finished reading the book.

The reader not only gets a lot of trading insights helping him to understand market problems but also practical advice that will help to understand his own trading performance.

The book might not be about cryptocurrency trading in particular, but the principles of technical analysis and market movements are more or less the same in all financial markets, so you can use the knowledge for your crypto trading career as well.

Check out the book here

Charting and Technical Analysis

Charting and Technical AnalysisFor successful cryptocurrency investing and trading, the knowledge AND understanding of price and market movements is absolutely crucial. This is exactly what Technical Analysis is about.Nobody should ever attempt Investing or Trading cryptocurrencies without the skill of analysing price charts professionally.

The 25 years of trading experience has taught the author of this book, Fred McAllen, that all previous books regarding TA and Charting he knew had been more or less worthless. He claims to have written the first book which is not about yet finding another creative solution to tell readers how to profit the easy way.

This book focuses on a deeper understanding of WHO are the market participants, and why they buy or sell at which point in time. The trading book’s approach is to provide a in-depth knowledge of the markets without the typical shallow tips about buying low and selling high.

Check out the book here

A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis

A Complete Guide To Volume Price AnalysisThis book teaches technical analysis in particular with regard to price movements in interaction with trading volumes. The author Anna Coulling discovered in her career as a trader that a certain tactic of illuminating the market works best for her.She pursues a special approach that in principle impresses with its simplicity. And yet there is a lot to investigate in the context of price, volume and profitable trading. In particular, readers will learn about timing and persistence.

As a weak point one could consider that the book repeats a lot, there are repeated examples of what some readers have already learned, what some readers may perceive as an overkill. Nevertheless, the book is very instructive.

Check out the book here

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