In Which Altcoins Should I Invest?

If you have some money on the side which you intent to invest in altcoins, you might want to select coins with a higher probability for big future gains than others. Generally nobody can predict for sure which coin’s price will rise enormously in the future. Especially at the end of a bear market investors can just wait patiently for future price actions.

For active traders making their living from trading it’s different. Since there can always be found some volatility in the crypto markets, day traders can make profits frequently using the right trading techniques – even in a bear market.

But if you don’t have time to actively trade in order to make money quicker you might just let some investments run long-term on the side and wait if those positions might get profitable. In that case it’s a good idea to look for the coins that currently offer the lowest risk to highest reward ratio chart-wise.

If you click through the altcoin list on, you can easily find the charts that are currently the most bottomed out (in July 18). At the moment there are quite a lot of such charts, since we’ve been in a general bear market since the beginning of this year due to Bitcoin’s correction phase after its parabolic bull run.

Tip: Relatively new coins without a longer chart history don’t really offer a “bottom” to which you can compare the current low price level. This means that the current low should be on the level of a former low so we can suggest that this repeating low level is a bottom support layer. If there is no former bottom to compare with, It’s hard to know how deep price might still fall.

Or, in the case of an older chart the falling price might still not really look bottomed out, meaning it still looks like it’s falling and is not yet running sideways. If price is runnigng sideways on an old support layer, it’s more likely to rise again than a price that is still obviously in a descending phase.

The examples below show charts that nearly look good, but not yet – Price isn’t running sideways yet, they all look like they could still be falling further down.

Please note: This post is not intended to be an investment advice. The chart pictures and our ideas are for educational and informational purposes only. Never invest more money in cryptos than you can afford to lose. Only use money you have on the side that you currently don’t need for a living.

Crypto trading and investing should be fun and not cause you stress and sleepless nights in any way.

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