3 Simple Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies

How to earn BitcoinSince the birth of Bitcoin about 10 years ago, the topic of blockchain technology has become an integral part of the IT world. Many industries see the benefit and try to develop adjusted solutions for their own purposes.

It is the very first system ever that can store information securely, immutably and in a decentralized way. A peer to peer transaction system that is borderless and neutral, working without the need for a middleman. According to many experts, the blockchain technology underlying the first and still best known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, holds the potential of a completely new financial system that might establish as a serious alternative besides the prevailing money system.

The price development of Bitcoin speaks for itself – in the first days of 2017, the BTC price climbed to USD 1000 for the first time, and now – only 2.5 years later – the price is 7 times higher, after it had even temporarily increased twentyfold. Such a rise is unprecedented compared to traditional investments.

Is obvious to most people that this technology won’t go away anymore so they become more curious about how this works. How transactions work, how cryptocurrency wallets work and how they might be able to use such quick and cheap peer-to-peer transactions beneficially for themselves.

But the price fluctuations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies measured with world’s major fiat currencies cause skepticism and many do not dare to invest. Which is totally understandable. Cryptocurrency investments are highly risky and trading isn’t for everyone.


Fortunately there are some possibilities to get cryptocurrencies without the need to put your savings at risk. You can get hold of cryptocurrencies without spending money on them. It is only about possibilities that do not require any or only a small investment that is tax-deductible for businesses.

Claim Coins From Faucets

Crypto Faucets are digital money taps that regularly distribute small units of certain cryptocurrencies. Platforms that offer these services do not require any investment in advance. These small gifts to the users are simply a kind of advertising measure of such platforms. An example of this would be Crex24, a typical altcoin marketplace that is considered quite serious in the industry. Every registered user has automatic access to a crypto faucet. Free of charge and without having to actively trade on the platform. Each user can claim certain amounts of free coins in certain time intervals in his account. You can’t get more than a few dollars a month, but there is a chance that the value of the coins will increase in the long run. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the functionality of cryptocurrency transfers in this way, e.g. when withdrawing the coins from the platform wallet, or in case you use them for payments somewhere.

Snatch Coins From Airdrops

It often happens that the developers of new cryptocurrencies give away a certain amount of coins at the beginning. This is supposed to make the coin public quickly and promote the use of the new currency. It is quite clear that investments in new crypto startups are highly risky and not recommended. But if you get such coins for free – why not? Here, too, you have the opportunity to profit completely risk-free if the value of the coin should rise.

Accept Crypto Payments

Anyone who sells goods, services or digital products via the Internet can additionally accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. More and more providers are integrating this possibility in order to adapt their service to the times. This can be done, for example, by using appropriate website plug-ins or coin payment apps. All you have to do is search for crypto payment gateway apps or plugins for the shop system you are using. The possibility to accept cryptocurrencies does not only exist online – every shop now has the possibility as well. However, this requires a one-time larger investment in the hardware that can process the crypto payments – similar to credit card payments. The possibility to earn cryptocurrencies with your business is not only available as a merchant, but also as a freelancer. The latter can offer their customers payment in Bitcoin or ask them to do so. If more cryptocurrency payments are made than expected, the financial risk can be minimized by immediately exchanging a certain part of the crypto income for fiat money.

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