World’s No 1 Bitcoin Trading Tip

When you seriously intend to become a successful Bitcoin trader and want to make sure that you are able to take profits continuously, then this tip is the very first one you should take for serious. This one thing is so simple to do and it’s so highly beneficial – but you wouldn’t believe that even less than 5% of all traders actually do it: Write down your trades. This is just as easy as important!

Do a simple documentation of each trade you execute!

So why is the documentation of your trades the absolute No.1 of all important Bitcoin Trading tips?

best bitcoin trading adviceScientists could prove that this simple action causes chemical reactions in the human brain, when things are beeing written down.

These chemical reactions actually amplify positive behaviour and help you to avoid negative habits. They say that it works best when you use pen and paper, oldschool style. But it’s also fine if you like digital notes better. The important thing is, just do it – write the trades down, and make sure you really use this sheet. When you begin a trade the sheet has to be open and ready for your notes. When the trade is finished, again write down the results immediately. If you really use a paper sheet, you could hang it on the wall next to your desk, for instance. Or put it into the drawer next to your place – just keep it close.

If you haven’t been used to use paper sheets since years anymore – maybe since your school days- – then it’s still a good tip to maybe really practise it again. Even only for this very Bitcoin trading sheet.

Try it – you’ll be surprised how it affects your mind.

For professional trade documentations in detail there is a tool called Check it out if you trade a lot. It also helps in terms of taxes.

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