Learn Profitable Crypto Trading – Tips For Beginners

Which Cryptocurrency to Buy Today?

2018 has been a tough year for many crypto traders and investors. Many lost a lot of money, often even their entire trading capital. In many cases this wasn’t necessarily just due to bad trading, but often because of tax calculations the affected hadn’t been informed about in advance. The.. Read more

5 Reasons Why People Lose Money in Crypto Trading

One of the most looked into tradable asset today is Cryptocurrency. Even if you were not familiar with the term a couple of years ago, we’re pretty sure that you know or have heard some things about it, which has lead you do this article. Why do people lose money.. Read more

Buy The Dip! – Most Secure Cryptocurrency Trade Entry Strategy

In every chart, no matter which tradable asset, there are recurring wave patterns all the time, on any time frame. Beyond the classic crypto breakout scenarios – for which everybody is waiting all the time, with bull runs up to several hundreds to thousand of percentages – you can trade.. Read more

Where To Put Stop Loss Orders in Place

Importance Of Stop Loss Orders A stop loss order is crucial to be able to trade profitably in the long run. A trader’s goal cannot be to take profit on any single trade he ever does, as it’s simply impossible to be 100% right every time with your estimation concerning.. Read more

Learn Crypto Trading From Scratch

Trading is like a game. It’s a permanent betting system between bulls and bears – buyers and sellers. One group is betting that a price will increase while at the same time the other group is betting that this price will go down. That’s why we have buyers and sellers.. Read more

An Easy Crypto Trading Strategy

Buy the Rumor – Sell the News This principle is fairly straightforward, but you have to know it: Each time there is some major news about a coin, it is followed by a breakout. If it’s good news, price pumps up, if it’s bad news, price will likely show a.. Read more

Fibonacci Retracement Levels – Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading

A Tool For Price Target Estimations in Crypto Trading One of the most important tools for analyzing charts are the famous Fibonacci levels. Pretty much every trader uses them, and that’s probably the reason why they are so powerful. Fibonacci retracement levels are a tool which help in estimating possible.. Read more

Understand Crypto Charts – Recurring Market Cycles

If you want to learn how to trade cryptos like a Pro, the first step is to recognize market cycles. At first glance charts may often look like completely random ups and downs and candlesticks may seem like they are performing, just coincident formations. One thing to note that is.. Read more

The 4 Trading Styles

In trading we distinguish between 4 different styles which basically concern the time frames of single trades. Your trading style depends on your personality, the time you are able to spend and your goals. Generally you can either trade on a daily base to collect smaller profits over time, or.. Read more

Learn Cryptocurrency Trading – Start With Mistakes To Avoid

Learn What Trading is NOT Meant To Be! There is this one general loser strategy which we find again and again among new traders – and this behavior has nothing to do with trading. Often newbies have just recently heard about crypto trading from someone who has had great profits.. Read more

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